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All courses come with FREE Online Theory and Hazard Perception Test Training.



If you feel unwell / have Covid-19 like symptoms / have tested positive for Covid-19 please cancel your lesson and self isolate as required. No lesson cancellation charges will apply in these circumstances.

Immediately prior to your lesson please clean your hands (as per Government Guidelines)

Please wear a face covering for the duration of the driving lesson.

Do not enter the vehicle until instructed to do so.  The Instructor will clean all touch points (ie dashboard/handles/gear lever etc) in the vehicle prior to you entering the vehicle.

Pre & Post lesson discussions should take place outside the vehicle.

Please use the anti-viral hand gel provided by the instructor when you enter the vehicle.

Lesson payments should be made, where possible, by bank transfer before the lesson.  It may be possible in some cases to use contactless card payment in the vehicle (check with the driving school)

Driving Instructor:

Will wear a face covering for the duration of all driving lessons

Will ensure that the tuition vehicle is cleaned (all pupil touch pints) prior to each driving lesson.

Will have the front and rear windows of the vehicle open to allow a free flow of fresh air through the vehicle during the lesson.  Please be aware of this and wear appropriate clothing.

No paper notes or appointment cards will be provided.  All necessary documentation will be provided electronically, where at all possible.

If  you have questions regarding our Covid-19 lesson protocol  pleae feel free to call, text or email us.